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Plaid Hat Games Releases Forgotten Waters Remote Assistant

These days, most of us aren't able to go out and game with our friends. We're in our own homes. But that doesn't mean you only can game with those also in the same location. Thanks to the internet, we are able to play games like never before. And Plaid Hat Games is making it so their most recently game, Forgotten Waters, can be played over the web with their Remote Assistant.

From the post:

Today, Plaid Hat Games is launching the Forgotten Waters Remote Play Assistant! Now, with a minimum of one physical copy of Forgotten Waters, you can play with your friends across the internet!

I have been blown away by the glowing reviews and positive responses to our ambitious, narrative pirate game - and this is with a large majority of games being at low player counts, missing out on the fun of playing with a larger group. This remote assistant should have you playing with your favorite gaming friends no matter where you are, with 4-7 total players.

How does it work?

To use the remote assistant, coordinate a day and time to play with a group of friends , as well as a way to communicate during the game (Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, etc). Then, when you sit down to play, one person goes to and clicks "create game," then shares the provided link with the rest of the group!