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Plaid Hat Games Previews Two More Ashes Reborn Decks

Ashes had a lot of decks come out in its initial run. So, when Plaid Hat said that they'd be updating everything, that was quite a task. In this preview we get a look at two more decks and how they'll be changing in Ashes Reborn. They also give a general overview of how things are going with the production of the game.

From the article:

Before we start this preview, we have an update for the Ashes Reborn subscription. It is increasingly difficult to accurately predict the full timeline for production and release of our games given the current state of the world. Production is well underway for Ashes Reborn, and the most recent update indicates we can expect to ship Ashes Reborn subscriptions and pre-order products in January 2021. We thank you for your patience and dedication to Ashes Reborn, and canot wait to get the game into your hands!

 This preview features updates for The King of Titans and The Ghost Guardian Expansion decks. These decks introduced the Mount mechanic to Ashes, allowing allies to ride on rampaging dinosaurs and ethereal steeds. While these decks were originally paired with a Dismount rules reference, Ashes Reborn has simplified this mechanic, keeping all the rules text on the Mount units themselves. While the cards that summon these Mounts haven’t been changed, each of the units themselves have. Let’s take a look!