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Plaid Hat Games Previews Two More Ashes Reborn Decks

Plaid Hat Games has just a little longer until they release the Ashes Reborn decks. They've also recently put out the rulebook and primer sheet. But in this preview, the focus is on two more supplement decks that they put out and are updating to the new version. They're the Boy Among Wolves and Goddess of Ishra decks.

From the article:

Hello again, Ashes players!

We are drawing ever closer to the official release of Ashes Reborn! With only a few more weeks of previews to go, I hope you are enjoying seeing the full vision of the game come to light. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Ashes Reborn Rulebook and Primer Sheet are available now! In this article we have previews from The Boy Among Wolves and Goddess of Ishra expansion decks. Let’s get to it!