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Plaid Hat Games Previews Twirl for Quirky Circuits

Quirky Circuits is filled with all types of strange robots. In this instance, we get a look at Twirl, the house's gardener. You can find him flitting around the garden, planting seeds and doing general gardening work. Just make sure he drops off his items in the right place, lest things get crazy.

From the post:

Twirl is the second robo-buddy you will meet in Quirky Circuits. Dedicated to its craft, Twirl cares about the plants and animals in its care. Planting seeds and feeding animals is how it merrily spends its days, and Twirl has no complaints.

Players will program Twirl to deliver seed packets to the corresponding sections of the garden, and feed animals the yummy apples that Twirl has cultivated. A pick up and drop card is introduced in these scenarios, which unlike previous cards, players will know exactly when these cards are played due to the star on their backs.

Dropping an object in the wrong space can cause chaos, especially when ants are present. Objects dropped on ant trails have the potential to move towards the anthill every round thanks to Twirl’s quirk cards. Once something goes into the anthill there’s no getting it back, which means bye-bye to winning! Players will need to account for this movement while trying to pick up tokens off the backs of ants.