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Plaid Hat Games Previews The Maps of Forgotten Waters

Yes, you need maps of the ocean. No, they aren't simply formless, water-filled deserts. If you're going to get from place to place, you need a map so you can know where you're going. In this preview for Forgotten Waters, Plaid Hat Games looks at the maps in the game as well as how you get from one spot to another.

From the post:

We’ve talked about visitin’ locations in past previews, but how do you get to these excitin’ spots? Well, me matey, just like in every pirate story you have ever read, there’s a nifty map.

When you first crack open yer copy o’ Forgotten Waters, you’ll behold the beautiful blue of an empty ocean map. Don’t fret! You’ll be fillin’ that map with all manner o’ nonsense in every game you play. Take a gander at the picture above. That’s the setup for one o’ the scenarios available with the base game. When you start a scenario, the app will show you which special location tokens need to be placed on the map. In this example, we see islands, impassable rocks, mysterious fog, and the rumored locations o’ fearsome sea beasts. The setup illustration also shows you where to place yer ship’s standee when the game begins.

You’ll notice all the tokens, except for the rocks, have numbers printed on them. Those special locations have unique story entries keyed to them, so if yer ship travels to one o’ those spots, yer sure to find all sorts o’ adventure. Or death. You’ll probably just die.