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Plaid Hat Games Previews The Breaker of Fate Expansion for Ashes Reborn

Ashes Reborn is hitting shelves soon. But it's not alone. Plaid Hat Games has expansions planned for it as well. That includes the The Breaker of Fate expansion. We get a look inside it, as well as a bit of its development timeline, in this preview.

From the preview:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Today starts the preview of The Breaker of Fate expansion! I wanted to begin by diving into the history of Jericho’s development, from both a story and gameplay perspective. But first, an update on Ashes Reborn distribution:

 The evil chimera, COVID-19, has once again assaulted our timeline for the delivery of Ashes Reborn. We were just notified of yet another shipping delay, putting our current estimate at late March. This stinks, but unfortunately such is our current reality in a global pandemic. We appreciate your patience and your eagerness to get your hands on the new Ashes goodness. If any updates arrive, for better or worse, we will let you know right away.