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Plaid Hat Games Previews Super Punch Fighter

Z-Man is bringing all the button-mashing action of fighting video games to your tabletops. They're coming out with Super Punch Fighter, a new card game where you take on the role of fighters duking it out for ultimate victory. In this preview, we get a look at how the game's general fundamentals work like pushing buttons and playing combos.

From the preview:

This is our first preview for the beat-’em-up arena fighting game, Super Punch Fighter! coming early this summer. Let’s learn how to punch some buttons and smash some (cardboard) faces!

On their turn, each player can push a button card as a free action! These cards allow the player to attack, move, block an opponent’s attack, or draw more cards. Simply, place a thumb token on a button card to gain its effect. Thumb tokens are easy to spot, because yes, they look like human thumbs!

In addition to pushing button cards for their individual powers, you can also push these buttons to launch awesome combos. Each fighter card has a button cost listed on it. Push the buttons needed and you can perform that card’s action. A player can play as many fighter cards as they want, as long as they have the appropriate button cards to pay for it.