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Plaid Hat Games Previews Ringr for Aftermath

Aftermath is the next Adventure Book game coming from Plaid Hat Games. Humanity is gone and the animals are rising up, taking over what's left of civilization, fighting over the various resources. In this preview, we get a look at one of the characters, Ringr, a hamster, and what sort of special abilities and gear he brings to the table.

From the post:

Ringr has a +2 in instincts (yellow) which makes him good at finding things and figuring things out. His instincts make him uniquely suited to foraging for food and scrap. Nobody is as charming or as convincing as Ringr. His way of smooth talking can put the most hostile stranger at ease.

Ringr’s also fairly agile with a +1 in agility (green). This means his aim is good and he has a better chance of traversing rough terrain. He starts the campaign armed with the One Shot pistol. This funny little scattergun is good against roaches and scorpions who have a low defense, but quickly overwhelm the heroes with their sheer numbers.