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Plaid Hat Games Previews Next Two Fighters in Super Punch Fighter

A new pair of fighters are entering the arena and Plaid Hat Games is giving you a look at what they're capable of. Super Punch Fighter is the new retro-style fighting game that doesn't take itself to seariously (see a dude hitting another dude with a pig in the main picture there). That's why one of the new fighters we've got is a lady dressed as a giant mouse.

From the post:

Two more fighters roll into the arena to show off some of their powerful moves!

Security Officer Steve is not about to let some undeserving punk run off with the Championship title. He’s worked too hard and too long for this moment, and he’s ready to knock some rookies back to the minor leagues where they belong. Plus, his boss is watching!

Khan Queso only enjoys two things in life – fighting and eating cheese. Sometimes, most times, she likes to enjoy both at the same time. It is said that she draws supernatural powers from the cheese, that she becomes a maniacally mouse-mutant bent on kicking the bone structure right outta your face!