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Plaid Hat Games Previews New Ashes Reborn Decks

Plaid Hat Games has more Ashes Reborn decks in the works. These are two that they had out previously but are getting that "new edition sheen" applied to them with some updates and tweaks. Have yourself a little preview inside.

From the preview:

Hello again, Ashes players!

The next two Phoenixborn have entered the fray, bringing with them fresh ways to use the all-new time magic from the Breaker of Fate deluxe expansion. Lulu Firststone uses time and natural magic for explosive combat and to survive the harsh environment where her city, Gorrenrock, stands. Orrick Gilstream has taken refuge in the settlement of New Gobi, where his meditations on time and charm magic aim to keep peace a top priority amidst an ever-raging war.

These Phoenixborn may be familiar faces to those who have played Ashes in its first incarnation; both Lulu and Orrick were previously released as promotional Phoenixborn, but had no accompanying preconstructed decks. With the dawning of Ashes Reborn, these characters have been reimagined and given a full deck each, found in these upcoming Ashes Reborn expansions!