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Plaid Hat Games Previews More Tundra Orcs Cards

Another day, another Tundra Orcs for Summoner Wars preview. That's not a complaint, of course. I love consistent news sources. Have yourself a look at another pair of cards for their deck, coming in the game's new 2-player starter set.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Check out some new icy events in the Tundra Orc arsenal!

Freeze rewards Grognack for being in the thick of battle by providing a temporary stalling effect for an enemy unit within range. Freshy summoned champions beware, as losing a single turn to Freeze might give the TOs all the time they need to end the battle!

Brutal Force helps push the enemy back while you maintain a relentless forward assault. Whether it is forcing defenders out of the way for a surprise range attack, or kicking around a summoner with a continuous chain of Frenzy attacks, Brutal Force is here to spice up your combat plans!