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Plaid Hat Games Previews More Cave Goblins

Another day, another look at some Cave Goblins for the upcoming Summoner Wars 2nd edition. Head on over and check out these two unique units.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the penultimate preview for the Cave Goblins, and with it comes some ravenous fighters.

The Horde Climber is a solid backbone of the Cave Goblin horde, as 0-cost for 3 life is a quite a sturdy presence, even if the 1 attack value is a bit low on its own. Cave Goblins work best when fighting in a swarm and the Climbers’ extra agility will certainly allow them to reap the benefits of your gang-up events! Climb can even allow this unit to move past defensive structures, possibly bringing a few Clingers along with them. Climbers lack necessary offensive pressure independently, so make sure to use them as team players!

Last for the Cave Goblin units is none other than the Eater! This is the only Cave Goblin champion that costs magic up front, so if you’re playing against the goblins, be wary if Sneeks starts building up magic. This beast of a champion dishes out tremendous amounts of damage for its cost, and demands that you use it as such. Should your Eater ever end a turn without feasting on a foe, you’d do well to remember to keep some fodder goblins nearby, lest you wish to bid your Eater goodbye.