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Plaid Hat Games Previews Lefty For Quirky Circuits

I love sushi, though I don't go out and have it too often. When it's good, it's extremely delicious. When it's bad... ooof... Thankfully, Lefty in Quirky Circuits is excellent at making sushi. And that's what players will have him do, making it and delivering it to happy customers. Get a preview of how he works here.

Lefty is the fourth and final robo-buddy you’ll meet in Quirky Circuits. One of the finest chefs in Robotopia, Lefty has acquired a most demanding clientele. Cats. Cats, each with different tastes in sushi. If Lefty doesn’t serve up their favorite dishes before its battery runs out, the wee chef could be out of a job, which means players lose the scenario.

Although the other three robots we’ve met could all move around their scenario pages, Lefty remains stationary behind the hibachi counter, or moves around the kitchen via conveyor belt. This robot swivels on its base to meet customer demands by creating requested dishes. This means cutting up fish, and combining fish and rice tokens. Once the right dish has been concocted, Lefty must drop the correct token in front of the corresponding cat.