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Plaid Hat Games Previews Grumple From Aftermath

Strong and Resilient aren't usually terms used when describing Guinea Pigs. But that's for us here in the regular world. In the world of Aftermath, after the Calamity, things are a bit different. Grumple, the guinea pig, is the big badass of the team. Get a look at what she's capable of in this preview.

From the post:

Grumple. She’s the muscle of our crew. She can be a real pain in the tail with the way she only eats fresh food, and since fresh stuff is pretty rare these days, she’s always fussy. Honestly though, I don’t know anybody I’d rather have by my side when the dust is up.

Grumple is a guinea pig. They live a lot longer than us mice, so even though Grumple is old enough to remember the Calamity, she’s right about our age in guinea pig years. She was there when I was born. She was there when our colony began. In all this time, we’ve never met another of her kind, and she never talks about it, but we know it bothers her.

Grumple is strong. She has a +2 in strength (red) which makes her really good at fighting in melee combat. Her strength is often needed to overcome challenges that her smaller companions struggle with. Her starting weapon is the trusty Steak Knife, which is a reliable melee weapon that gains even more potency when battling against a boss or leader.

But Grumple isn’t just strong, she’s also resilient. Grumple has a +1 to resistance (blue). This makes it easier for her to shrug off negative effects, and since most armor gives bonuses to resistance, she makes good use of any protective gear you find.