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Plaid Hat Games Previews Atrivoxx and Nightshade For Guardians

The Uprising Hero Pack for Guardians will bring new Guardians to your games. But who are these new Guardians? What do they do? What are they like? How do they play? Those are the sorts of questions that Plaid Hat wants to answer. In this preview, we get a look at Atrivoxx and Nightshade.

From the post:

Welcome back to another Guardians preview! New heroes are emerging to join the fight for the future, and we’ve got a sneak peak at them right here! Last week we explored the abilities and a few of the cards for Chamber and Pandora. Each hero brings their own unique flavor and flash to their team, so choosing the right combination is crucial for success! Today, we’ll be looking at the next two heroes from the Uprising Hero Pack: Atrivoxx and Nightshade. Let’s start off with the Master of Charge himself!