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Plaid Hat Games Previews Archers for The Vanguards in Summoner Wars

Taking out foes at a distance can be a safe bet in a battle. Raining arrows down on an opponent can keep your own troops safe from harm. And the Vanguards in Summoner Wars certainly have some archers on hand. Take a look at them in this preview of their upcoming deck.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Vanguards have deployed their ranged forces, and their archers are sure to rain down some pain!

The Citadel Archer gains additional strength for maintaining a diverse cast of units in your hand, which we’ve already seen Sera excels at. By discarding these units for magic, Citadel Archers can threaten surprising bursts of damage without the opponent being able to prepare for their power level.

Jacob Eldwyn can receive a significant boost to his strength in a similar manner, even mid-combat! He takes advantage of Citadel Archers building magic during the attack phase by converting those directly into additional strength! And once Jacob’s duty has been served, you can follow up with yet another champion thanks to all that banked magic.