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Plaid Hat Games Previews Aftermath Adventure Book Game

Plaid Hat Games has a new adventure book game on the way. Game designer Jerry Hawthorne created this one as well, and it's called Aftermath. Humanity suddenly vanished, and now all the critters are looking to make it in a world that they left behind. Take on the role of a Provider, seeking out resources for your colony while you do your best to avoid and escape all the nasty predators out there. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the post:

“They were the best of us,” Meziah said, scratching a mousey ear, and the others nodded in agreement. The providers had kept the colony safe and supplied for as long as it had existed. But now they were gone, and the burden of the seemingly impossible heroics they had accomplished daily, now fell on inexperienced shoulders. “They're out there, somewhere,” Meziah whispered, and in the distance they heard the howl of a predator. Hunting birds circled overhead the ruins of the city, and far off in the distance, a car alarm sounded before dying awkwardly. “Let's go bring them home.” And they strapped down their supplies, hoisted their weapons, and pushed forward into an uncertain dawn.

Designed by Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables creator, Jerry Hawthorne, Aftermath is an Adventure Book Game in which players take on the role of small critters struggling to survive and thrive in a big, dangerous world. Humans have mysteriously vanished and the remnants of civilization are quickly being reclaimed by nature and the animals who still remain.

Leave the safety of your colony and venture out into the abandoned world on one of 27 story-driven missions and side missions. Scavenge the ruins of mankind in search of food and supplies for your colony, but beware - the world is filled with bandits and predators, and you must fight or flee to stay alive.Return to your colony with resources and information that will help your friends and family survive. Grow your colony and keep it safe by building structures and improvements with the spoils of your adventures. But plan accordingly, for the colony will face hardship each time you leave it.

Play as a misfit band of critters known by their colony as “providers.” There's the guinea pig with anger issues, a hamster that talks fast and drives faster, a small mouse with keen eyes and a lot to prove, and a mysterious vole who’s borderline feral. These characters each have their own personalities, play-styles, and personal goals.