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Plaid Hat Games Previews Action Cards in Aftermath

Plaid Hat Games is really thrilled about their upcoming Aftermath adventure book game, and they want you to be just as excited. As such, they're giving you all sorts of looks into how the game works. In this article, we check out the Action cards. They kinda look like a souped-up deck of regular playing cards, and I'm totally all for that.

From the post:

Hello providers! Leading up to the release of Aftermath, we will be publishing a series of articles that show off some of the game world and how it plays. Today we will be talking about action cards that are the core mechanic central to the game. We will also touch on player turns since the action cards are such a big part of how players conduct their turns.

In previous Adventure Book games, players used dice to control their turns and the actions they could perform. For Aftermath, we wanted to change things up a bit while still providing an experience that is similar. Now we can offer more player control, while also offering new dynamics associated with cards. Players will be able to share a little better, plan a little better, and mitigate luck a little more effectively.