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Plaid Hat Games Preview Rover for Quirky Circuits

Dogs love bones. That's just a known thing. And Rover, the new figure previewed for Quirky Circuits from Plaid Hat Games, is no different. Though, instead of just chewing on them, he's digging up old bones for a museum exhibit. Will players be able to successfully program where he's to go? That's up to you to find out.

From the post:

Rover is a good, good robo-pup who likes to dig. It's so good at digging that the museum has hired Rover as chief archaeologist, in charge of acquiring fossils for their new dinosaur exhibit.

Players will program Rover to pick up fossils and drop them off at the designated spaces on the board. Fossils will start off small, but soon you’ll be assembling an entire dinosaur skeleton in the right order for display.

Unlike the previous robo-buddies you’ve met already, Rover can jump! Which is a good thing since it will need to jump up inclines. Rover will be moving in and out of archaeological digsites, so jumping is a super useful skill to have!

Rover picks up and drops objects just like Twirl, but unlike that gardener, Rover picks ups and delivers to one space directly in front of where it’s standing. And although Rover can’t move through barriers, the fossils it carries can. This means there is no need to worry about bumping a bone against a wall, as it will simply pass through it.

Rover’s scenarios can be found on pages 22-31 of the scenario book and increase in difficulty as you learn to play. Have fun digging up those bones!