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Plaid Hat Games Posts Summoner Wars Shipping Update

While places are starting to get kinda back to normal, a little bit, there's still a lot that's still happening because of the pandemic. That includes issues with shipping and delivery. And that's why we have an update that's not so happy about Summoner Wars and getting into onto your tabletops.

From the update:

Hello Summoners!

 Per our last update, we were expecting to send Summoner Wars Second Edition Master Sets out to everybody mid-June. But unfortunately the shipping delay beast has struck again. Throughout this month our Master Set delivery date has slowly been pushed back and is now expected to arrive at our warehouse June 24th. We cannot guarantee that this date won’t change again, but we have our fingers crossed that it won’t.

Every publisher in the industry is dealing with these shipping issues as pallet shortages continue and COVID-19 continues to vex. We thank you all for your patience as we wait for the Master Sets to arrive.