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Plaid Hat Games Posts Summoner Wars Preview

Yup, another Summoner Wars preview. I'm certainly interested to see what else these Savanna Elves are up to in their deck. And, this time around, we get a look at one of their common units as well as an Event that is pretty fundamental to how the faction will work.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! We are drawing closer to the end of Savanna Elves previews, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some key cards left to see! Check out the Border Archer common:

Border Archers excel at dishing out damage once they are in position. Prepare allows them to convert one movement action into an attack action via boost tokens. Additionally, if your Border Archers can gain boost from any other variety of Savanna Elf effects, they can use those boost tokens for their Swift Shot ability.

Chant of Entangling is one of the most technical events in the deck. Each common unit brings a unique effect to the game surrounding boost tokens. Boosting can give extra movement, extra life, extra attacks, or more to be seen. Chant of Entangling gives you the freedom to share these abilities with other common units. Will your Lionesses suddenly have the Trampling capabilities of your Rhinos? Will your Rhinos gain the double attacking powers of your Border Archers! This much and more is possible with Chant of Entangling!