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Plaid Hat Games Posts Releases Update

You know that joke about calling your friend and them saying, "I'll be there in 5min." and they've not even left their house yet, let alone gotten their shoes or pants on? That's kinda what happened with Plaid Hat's shipment from China. They were told it would be there last week, but it hadn't even left port yet. As such, they've updated their release schedules accordingly.

From the update:

Hello friends, 

We were informed by our freight carrier that the shipment of games that was expected to arrive at a U.S. port this coming week has not actually left the port in China yet. Apparently a large backlog and overbooking has caused our shipment to remain at the port. Just hanging out. Not moving. 

The new estimated date of departure from China is next week and all we can do is hope and cross our fingers that it actually gets placed on a ship to the States.