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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Neon Gods Preview

In Neon Gods, players take on the role of gang leaders in a futuristic city. If your gang is going to survive, you're going to have to do some work and you're gonna have to fight. And it's those two mechanics that we get a look at here. Check it out.

From the website:

You want new turf, rival gangs hold it, and there’s only one solution. Battle is pretty much unavoidable in Neon Gods. After all, who ever heard of a gang rising to the top by being nice? At the end of a turn, a battle will resolve in every contested location where the active player has gang members. Each player involved can play up to three cards from their hand into a battle. You’ll notice that each Gang Member card has a Battle Dice section showing what dice a player will roll. Blue dice are nothing special, just a few hits here and there. Pink dice bring the pain with even more hits. Green dice don’t hit for much but can let you steal $ tokens from your opponent. After rolling dice for the cards a player threw into the battle, players will also add up the number of gang figures they control on that space and adjacent spaces. Picking the right cards to ditch for a battle is a key part of your strategy, so think it through!