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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Gen7 Preview

If mankind wants to colonize distant worlds, it's going to take time. In lieu of some sort of hypersleep technology, there's going to be generations of people between those that left the Earth and those that arrive at the new destination. Gen7 puts you in the shoes of a group of people who only know of the Earth through history books, and will never make it to the new planet to colonize. Plaid Hat Games has posted up a new preview, talking about what that mindset must be like.

From the website:

The colony ship in which the game Gen7 takes place has reached the middle of a voyage planned to last a lengthy thirteen generations. It is the point in the voyage when crew morale will be especially fragile. No one onboard ever knew the Earth, and no one onboard will live to see their new home.

Theirs is a life of sacrifice, and it is a choice they never had the luxury of making for themselves.

When the game begins, the players, taking on the roles of the Gen7 commanders of the ship, will be confronted by a mystery that will threaten them in ways no one could have expected. The game presents players with challenges and palm-wringing choices, as they explore the stories of a crew struggling with the conflict between selfless duty and personal need.