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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Comanauts Preview

Stuffed Fables really created a somewhat new genre of game, as it's not quite Role Playing Game, but it's not quite Board Game, either. It was a big hit, and Plaid Hat Games is following up with a new Adventure Book Game in the form of Comanauts. Players must head into the psyche of Dr. Martin Strobol and try and free him from the coma he's in. Plaid Hat's posted up a new preview of just how this new game will work.

From the post:

Welcome to the dying mind of Dr. Martin Strobal, and welcome to Comanauts! In Comanauts, players will take on the role of avatars and explore the eleven different comazones of Martin’s mind as they try to locate his inner child free him from the inner demons keeping him hostage. Each comazone is tied to an important trauma in Martin’s life, and as such each has its own inner demon associated with it. In today’s preview, we’re going to explore how comazones work, and how players will need to explore and interact with them to locate Martin and free him from his own mind.