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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Cave Goblins Preview

The Cave Goblins aren't going to be staying in their cave forever. They're headed out onto the battlefields in Summoner Wars 2nd Edition. In this preview, we get a look at a pair of common units you'll have for your deck.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Cave Goblins are raging on, and this time we’ll see more common units of the horde!

The Beast Rider is one of the fastest and deadliest units in Itharia. Charging with a Beast Rider can put a massive dent in the enemy summoner who would otherwise be out of range from more typical commons. Sneaks even starts with a Beast Rider in play so you can jump to the front of battle on turn one!

A close friend of the Beast Rider is the Horde Clinger. What they lack in traditional mobility, they make up for with Cling, allowing this cheap and hard-hitting unit to juggle itself between your other mobile troops to land some surprising positional advancements! The Clingers add just that extra bit of reach needed to mark the Cave Goblins as the faction with some of the best forward pressure and momentum in the game.