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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Breaker of Fate Preview For Ashes Reborn

Plaid Hat Games isn't just coming out with Ashes Reborn, updating all the cards from Rise of the Phoenixborn, but they're also coming out with a new expansion set as well. In this preview, we get a further look inside The Breaker of Fate set and see what you can expect.

From the article:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Today we continue previewing the cards from The Breaker of Fate! Here are some notes on the design process of making the all-new time magic!

Designing a new class of magic from the ground up was an exciting experience for the first expansion for Ashes Reborn. We had just revised a large section of the Ashes card compendium, and were now tasked with carving out completely new space for time magic to settle into. I wanted to honor the design vision of time magic as best as I could from my memory of discussing time magic with the development team during Ashes 1.0, but also wanted to ensure we would create a time magic that made sense for Ashes Reborn. The process began with the dice power.