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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Ashes Reborn Preview

The Tortoise and the Hare is a classic fable that has guided people's decisions for hundreds of years. It's also a major theme in Jericho's deck in Ashes Reborn. In this preview of their upcoming expansion, we see how these characters are being adapted to the new version of the game.

From the preview:

Welcome back Ashes players! This week, let’s dive into the conjurations Jericho can summon to the battlefield. This is the first wave of conjurations for time magic, so it was important for them to really set the tone for our newest magic type. If you missed Jericho Preview #1, go over the story of how Jericho was chosen to be the first time magic Phoenixborn. As if that story wasn’t serendipitous enough, Jericho’s original deck had the Lucky Rabbit and the Turtle Guard as her conjurations. With the time dice power featuring a turtle symbol, and the classic juxtaposition of the slow tortoise vs the fast hare in play, it only made sense to reimagine these two classic Jericho conjurations for time magic!