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Plaid Hat Games Posts Jericho Deck Preview #4

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side. Yes it is. Well, it's on Jericho's side, anyway. They're a master of time magic and that's what we get a look at in the preview of their upcoming deck for Ashes Reborn.

From the preview:

Welcome back Ashes players! Today, we have previews for several spells in Jericho’s arsenal. Be sure to check out our previous preview articles to stay up to speed on time magic’s debut. Let’s get to it!

Time magic wouldn’t be time magic without a way to gain additional actions! Accelerate does one better by throwing in an additional card draw and some dice fixing to support your new free time. The applications of Accelerate are incredibly wide! Drawing a card allows you to take advantage of Jericho’s Prepare ability, getting access to any card of your choice. Fixing dice can allow you to use a dice power (or two) of your choice, without needing to meditate the turn prior. Multiple side actions can allow you to summon a full army of Time Hoppers in preparation for a super wide attack! You could even use one of those side actions to bypass an enemy blocker with Jericho’s Blink or Stasis!