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Plaid Hat Games Posts Guide to Ashes Reborn

Plaid Hat Games is, like the bird it draws its name from, bringing Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn back to life. But what does this new version 1.5 have going on with it? Will this be a good place for a new player to jump on? Your questions are answered in this new article.

From the article:

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is an expandable, non-collectable, dueling card game where players take on the roles of Phoenixborn, summoning powerful units and casting spells to defeat enemy Phoenixborn. Ashes uses custom dice to represent the different ways to cast magic, and is a uniquely tight resource system. Now, Plaid Hat Games is partnering with Team Covenant, to bring Ashes back under the name Ashes Reborn! Ashes Reborn is an upgrade to all existing Ashes products, allowing the game we love to continue forth with some revised rules, cards, and new content, including the lost dice type: time magic!

 Check out the following information to learn how to return to the world of Ashes, or how to best jump in for the first time!