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Plaid Hat Games Posts Forgotten Waters Character Sheet Preview

Yarr arr yarr. I loddie the hotpants.

In Plaid Hat Game's upcoming adventure book game, players will take on the role of pirates in Forgotten Waters. In this preview, we get a look at what your character sheets will look like. The game also includes something handy for players not just of the game, but any GM out there who runs a pirate campaign in their RPGs. There's a Pirate Name Generator. Have yourselves a look.

From the post:

So you want to be a pirate, eh? First thing's first - yer gonna need to have a sweet pirate name – one thats memorable and really strikes fear into the heart of yer foes.

Pirate Name Generator

Can’t think of one? It ain't a problem! We’ve got you covered with a pirate name generator on both the back of the rulebook AND in the Forgotten Waters app. Just roll the dice or push a button. It’s that easy, Fightin’ Two-toed Fannie.