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Plaid Hat Games Posts Final Vanguard Preview

All good things must come to an end. Such is the case with the Vanguard previews for Summoner Wars. Head on over and check out some more of the healing power that the faction has within their deck.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the final preview of the Summoner Wars Master Set. Thank you for tuning into these previews! I hope you have been enjoying the Summoner Wars Online demo in the meantime while we wait for the arrival of the full Master Set! Now, onto the Vanguard events.

Mass Heal has a simple effect, but it shines a light on the formations that the Vanguards excel at. 2 spaces around your summoner is a pretty tight formation, and many Vanguard units thrive in this setting. Whether Valna is charging up a massive attack, or Citadel Knights are tightly defending your ranged forces, Mass Heal is here to keep that formation alive!

Lastly, we have Renewed Hope, one of the most flexible tools in the Master Set! Summoner Wars has a very strict phase structure for good reason. The ability to summon units in any phase AND being able to do so next to your Summoner really breaks open what you can do positionally. If Sera is backed into a corner, summoning a blocker after moving can bail her out. Or if you are on the offense, summoning a strong unit way ahead of your gates can be some surprise damage!