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Plaid Hat Games Posts Final Polar Dwarves Preview

All good things must come to an end. This is the final preview for the Polar Dwarves for the upcoming Summoner Wars releases. However, it's not the final curtain, as there's yet another faction to check out afterwards.

From the post:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the last preview for the Polar Dwarves, rounding out their army with more ranged fighters.

Frost Mages have taken a page out of Nadiana’s book with their Frost Bolt ability. While Frost Mages only get benefits from adjacent structures, their low cost and high life values make them a great fit for a growing glacial empire. Once you have built up enough magic and structures, Frost Mages can pave the way for a perfectly placed Nadiana!

Finally, we have Jarmund, the last champion of the faction. Jarmund is a purely offensive champion looking to land attacks to boost up and use his signature attack, Ice Shards! The more overwhelmed your opponent is by your structures, the more devastating Ice Shards can be. Having Jarmund ready to turn your labyrinth of structures into a deadly trap is one of the most rewarding plays in the Polar Dwarves deck, so be on the lookout for this power!