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Plaid Hat Games Posts Final Phoenix Elves Preview for Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games has one last Phoenix Elves preview for you today. And it seems appropriate that they'd have these particular cards. Can't really have a Phoenix Elves deck without a card called Burn in it, after all. What's next after the heat? Well, things are gonna get chilly.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! This is the final preview for the Phoenix Elves, rounding out their event suite.

Burn is straightforward, but useful. Get Maldaria into the fray and blast away anything in your way! Being usable in the move phase, Burn can open up pathways for your units to surprise your opponent with otherwise impossible attacks.

Blinding Flare is the final event for the Phoenix Elves, improving their resilience against attacking foes. Reducing the odds of your opponent’s dice can help you hold down the line for a crucial extra turn to push through!