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Plaid Hat Games Looks to the Future

Plaid Hat Games is once more independent, coming out from under the Asmodee umbrella. A lot of their games have stayed at different Asmodee companies, including Fantasy Flight and Z-Man. So, where does this leave Plaid Hat and what do they have in the works for the future? Founder and once-again owner, Colby Douch, sits down and reminisces about the past and looks forward to the future in this new article.

From the website:

Plaid Hat Games is once again an independent tabletop game studio, wholly owned by myself, Colby Dauch, the original founder of the studio.This is a significant event as I know of no other American tabletop game company to have been bought by a larger organization only to later return to independence.And so, seeing as how some attention may now be turned our way, I wanted to briefly tell the story of Plaid Hat Games and share my vision for its future.

I formed Plaid Hat Games in 2009, and I had no background in business and little experience in game design.What I had was a game I believed in, talented friends, and a fire in my belly.

That game was Summoner Wars and the first talented friend I called upon was David Richards, a graphic designer and fellow Heroscape enthusiast. Dave established the visual design of both Plaid Hat as a brand and Summoner Wars.