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Plaid Hat Games Introduces the Artists from Familiar Tales

In this preview for Familiar Tales, Plaid Hat Games is introducing the different artists that lent their skills to the game. Along with getting to know them a little better, we also get a look at a bunch of different components for the game.

From the article:

Hello, and welcome to another Familiar Tales preview article! Familiar Tales is a visual treat, presenting a world portrayed in rich, vibrant color and populated by whimsical characters. The adventure will take the familiars through enchanted forests, bustling cities, mysterious underworlds and ancient ruins, all made possible through the magic of art.

In this article we will be showcasing the incredible artists from around the world, who were involved with bringing this game to life visually. It is our hope that their careers continue to flourish, and that we will feast our eyes on more of their work for years to come.