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Plaid Hat Games Helps Gaming While Socially Isolating

Since many game nights have been cancelled as we're not supposed to get all that close to one-another, many people are turning to online ways to play their favorite games. I played D&D via Roll20 and Discord on Saturday, for example. Well, if you're a fan of some of Plaid Hat Games' offerings, they've posted up some resources to help you play their games when you're not in the same room as well.

From the post:

Hi all! Joe here, Plaid Hat Games web guy and Forgotten Waters co-designer.

In the most recent episode of the Plaid Hat Podcast, Niki, Bistro, Isaac, and I discussed how our households are holding up, and how we're feeling in this helpless state as we watch healthcare workers and other heroes act and hope for world leaders who are up to the task.

So what role can those of us who make board games, produce board game media, and run game nights for our friends fill? We've always thought that what we do makes a positive difference in people's lives, but at this moment in history, our efforts are actually, for real, important. I'm not a health care worker, or a government official, or able to provide food for others, but when people NEED to stay home, I can help by entertaining them, connecting them to others, making them feel good about themselves.

So here are some ways that we hope Plaid Hat Games can make a positive difference by helping you game together while we're all apart.