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Plaid Hat Games Announces Savanna Elves For Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games is continuing their daily Summoner Wars with the announcement of a new faction as well as two cards from their deck. They're the Savanna Elves. Head on in and see what they're all about.

From the article:

Welcome back, summoners! It is time to begin previewing the next faction from the Summoner Wars Second Edition Master Set: the Savanna Elves! Abua Shi makes his return to the battlefield, leading the Savanna Elves to victory with boosted strength and powerful chants. Let’s take a look!

Abua Shi comes ready to fight with a tremendous 5 ranged attack! Even with a lower life of 10, his raw offensive power is his best defense, cleanly clearing away any encroaching common enemies. His Spirit Bond ability serves as a glue that holds the rest of his army together, generating boost tokens for a wide variety of uses, as well as paying forward any excess boost tokens that Abua Shi may have received himself.

Abua Shi’s epic event, Chant of Power, is a faction-defining strength boost, turning any boosted unit into a potentially lethal threat! With their summoner paving the way for a boost-centered strategy, the Savanna Elves often win through the sheer damage output of Chant of Power!