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Plaid Hat Games Announces New Crystal Clans Decks

The various clans are looking to collect powerful crystals, each with their own unique style of going about battling for them. Plaid Hat Games has announced another two that are stepping into the arena of Crystal Clans. They're the Gem Clan and the Moon Clan, and we get a look at their reference cards in this preview.

From the announcement:

Hello, Crystal Clans fans! We've got a little surpise in store for you all today! The Gem and Moon Clan are availble now from our web store and available from retail stores shortly! We'll have full previews for both of these decks in the coming weeks, but today we'd like to give you a brief overview of both clans and what they bring to the table! Let's start off with a closer look at the Gem Clan, masters of the crystal arts!