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Plaid Hat Games Announces Guardians Expansion Pack

Whenever a game comes out, there's a lot of gamers that go, "Yeah, that's awesome, but can we get some more?" Because gamers are like Oliver Twist. Well, Plaid Hat Games isn't some stingy lunchroom server/guard. They're happy to give you some more. They've announced Uprising, a new expansion hero pack for Guardians.


From the website:

Introducing Uprising, a brand-new hero pack for Guardians! Each hero pack contains 4 new heroes to add to your collection, including their unique power deck and ultimate cards! Atrivoxx is a shadowy figure cloaked in mystery capable of manipulating aberrant Void energy to dispatch his enemies. Chamber is a daredevil pilot that traverses the battlefield while generating explosive energy from his arm cannon. Nightshade can bend nature to her will and strangle the life out of anyone foolish enough to stand in her way. Pandora has been entrusted with the ability to reshape time itself to prevent a dark future. Each hero brings an all-new element to Guardians, allowing players to explore even more combinations and strategies when forming their team.