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Plaid Hat Games Announces Gen7: Breaking Point Expansion

Most games are good up to about 4 players. But what happens when the whole crew shows up and you all want to play a game together? Well, if you're wanting to play Gen7, you'll soo be able to seat up to 6 players at the table. Plaid Hat Games has announced Gen7: Breaking Point, which will add compatibility for up to 6 players, as well as a new scenario to the mix.

From the announcement:

Plaid Hat Games is pleased to Introduce Gen7: Breaking Point, an expansion for our upcoming Crossroads game. Breaking Point adds components for 5-6 players and an all-new scenario! Gather your crew and continue your journey across the stars as humanity struggles for survival among the stars.

Breaking Point adds two new barracks to the four found in Gen7: Logistics and Security. The Logistics Barracks can be used in any play of Gen7, benefitting from a third schema slot, allowing a Logistics player to further customize their strategy. The Security Barracks is used in the special competitive scenario included in Breaking Point.

In Gen7: Breaking Point, the allies you’ve come to rely on may be revealed as the gravest threats to your barracks and your mission. Included in this expansion are new crew and more, presenting players with even more variety on each playthrough of the Gen7 campaign.