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Plaid Hat Games Announces Fire Clan for Crystal Clans

It's starting to cool off outside. And I know a lot of people are thinking of starting up bonfires and celebrating. The Fire Clan takes the idea of celebrating around a campfire to the extreme. They're the next clan coming out for Crystal Clans, and Plaid Hat is showing off the first couple cards for this new faction.

From the website:

Hello, Crystal Clans fans! Welcome back to another series of previews for two awesome upcoming clans! If I were to tell you about a clan that had some really great stats, but carried one big drawback, you’d probably say, “Didn’t you already write about the Fang Clan?”  And yes, yes I did. But we’re not here to talk about Fang today. Today is Fire Day. Prepare to meet the hottest deck in Crystal Clans!