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Plaid Hat Games Announces Battlelands

Humanity is gone. But in its wake, it left a whole ton of stuff. The creatures that remain are trying to get their hands on the best gear, but there's only so much to go around. Who will end up with it? That's the story behind Battlelands: Aftermath Edition, a new adventure book game coming from Plaid Hat.

From the post:

Meziah twitched his mousey snout and took aim with his ballpoint pen sniper rifle. He held his breath and - crack! The rat went down, and that seemed enough encouragement to cause the other Junkers to route. But there was little time to celebrate as a gecko hunter emerged from the nearby underbrush and made a beeline for Meziah. The Scaled Ones were joining the fray!

Plaid Hat Games is pleased to announce Battlelands, a fast and furious card game of turf warfare. Send your fighters to seize key locations, or recruit even fiercer warriors who can help you turn the tide! Use your faction’s abilities to play dirty and keep your opponents guessing your next move!

Battlelands is set in the world of Aftermath, an upcoming Adventure Book game from Mice & Mystics creator, Jerry Hawthorne. Battlelands offers a first glimpse into a fascinating world in which human beings have vanished, and the remaining critters now clash over their inheritance. Play as the ruthless rat Junkers or the sneaky Scaled Ones. Lead the malformed Bighted sewer-dwellers, the brave coalition of Hoodies, or the Nocturne scavengers. The resources left behind by the humans are precious and dwindling, and only one faction can secure enough for victory.

Will your people survive the coming conflict, or will they be swept aside by more ruthless opponents? Battlelands is available for preorder now, and will be in retail stores everywhere in July of 2019. Preorders in the 48 contiguous states are available for Free Shipping!