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Phalanx Taking Pre-orders For New Edition of Nanty Narking

Phalanx has started taking pre-orders for a new edition of Nanty Narking. It's still the game you love, but with some updated components.

From the announcement:

Martin Wallace’s bestseller gets a new edition! Not just environmentally friendly (with cardboard stands instead of plastic minis) and easier to store (slim, 5 cm-deep box instead of 10 cm) but also very much more affordable! Get it now for €40 while the game is available!

It took only a year for the Deluxe Version of Nanty Narking to disappear from the European stores, so a new print run was a must. This time, however, we’ve decided to lower both the game’s footprint and the price - getting a product to you that looks great and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You won’t need to learn how to paint those minis either, and the cardboard stands have a really great table presence. And if one day you decide you replace them with sculpts? Well, we will do our best to help out with this. In due course.

So, cardboard stands replace minis but does anything else change?

No! Why would we? It is still the same amazing game, helping to release loads of exhilarating laughter around the table as the players are trying to both guess the identities and goals of the others while plotting their moves and keeping everyone else from guessing their identity!