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Phalanx Taking Pre-orders For English Edition of 1920

Phalanx has opened up pre-orders for a new English edition of 1920. But more than just a translation, they've also looked to expand the overall gameplay, bringing you much more than before.

From the article:

Pre-orders have just opened for a new edition of 1920 by Jaroslaw Flis - mostly unknown to the wargamers in the West, an excellent wargame about a fascinating, yet not widely known conflict, which revolutionised the approach to this type of game by introducing an unprecedented system of unit control lines (not to be confused with zones). This classic game will finally get a proper edition, enriched not only with high quality components and a new thematic graphic design, but also an addition, a rewrite of the rules and new types of units, of which there was already a great variety in the game.

PHALANX, on the occasion of the new release, intends to significantly expand the rich gameplay experience and the extremely interesting conflict, which we will be writing about extensively soon via our social media and scheduled interviews.

Over a quarter of a century ago, a board wargame was released that players passionate about history simply loved, and its innovative approach made it a forerunner of solutions that are still used in game design today. It is finally back in a brand new edition, with revised rules and improvements that bring the classic game up to modern standards.