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Phalanx Bringin New Edition of Successors to Kickstarter

You've maybe played Successors before. Or maybe you've never heard of it. Either way, if you're interested in ancient Europe and the different empires that thrived there, and think you can do that as well, then it's the game for you. Phalanx will be bringing a new version of it to Kickstarter on the 26th. They've posted up the Kickstarter preview page so you can see just what you're getting, as well as set a reminder for when it goes live.

From the preview:

You are standing in a half-lit alcove in one of the inner chambers of Nebuchadnezzar II’s palace. Babylon is scorching under the late spring sun, but the events which are taking place before your very eyes, chill you to the bone. A 13-years reign of unmatched courage, splendorous victories and relentless conquests comes to an end not with a last glorious battle but a death rattle. Alexander the Great, surrounded by his most loyal generals, is breathing his last breath. You are not quite sure if you have heard the raspy whisper coming from within the circle correctly – “for the strongest”. What does it mean? The broad shoulders of generals part a little and allow you to see Alexander’s lifeless, mask-like countenance and his ring – a symbol of his astounding power – placed on a small pillow resting upon his chest. You take a bow to pay respect to your beloved king with whom you have battled arm in arm for the past 10 years since Issoss. When you look up, fighting to clear the lump in your throat, you can’t believe what you are seeing. Some of the generals have focused their stares upon the ring, stares you have witnessed many times before, in other circumstances of course, but nevertheless. Stares of self-restricted greed – the greed of power – breaking loose. You momentarily tense up, glaring furiously, clenching your fists. This can only mean one thing – war of the succession is soon to come…