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Phalanx Announces Purple Haze Board Game

Well, first off, let's get some appropriate music up in here. There we go. Phalanx Games has announced Purple Haze, a new immersive story-driven game all about leading a squad of Marines on patrol during the Vietnam War. Will you be able to avoid ambushes, make it through dense jungle, and find your way back home with your squad intact? The tense game will be coming to Kickstarter next month.

From the website:

Purple Haze is an immersive story-creation cooperative game for 1 to 6 players that drops you into the heart of darkness: Vietnam, 1967.

You lead a squad of Marines through the dense jungles, flooded rice paddies, and straw-thatched and bamboo villages of this verdant but war-wracked country. Gut-wrenching choices will determine the fate of you and your mission, showing if you have what it takes to survive.

Purple Haze is in part a story-creation game, in part a tactical combat game, and in part a campaign game. Your decisions determine the story. Your tactics decide the outcome of life and death firefights. Your men will suffer. Some won’t make it home. Those that do will get wiser, get tougher. The goal: complete the mission, get out alive.