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Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space RPG One-Shot Up On Kickstarter

What if you want to take a break from your regular RPG for just a quick, lighthearted, fun RPG session? Well, you can pick up something like Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space. It's all those things and is about... well, bounty hunters in space. The one-shot RPG game/adventure is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space is a one-shot tabletop RPG for up to seven players (and one GM). It uses the same system (lightly modified) from Havoc Brigade by Grant Howitt. Many thanks to Grant for graciously agreeing to let us do that. (If you haven't played Havoc Brigade - please check it out.)

It's a rules-light roleplaying game, with everything you need to play (aside from dice and friends).

It's light-hearted and intended for one shots; this isn't a story about deep-seated emotional turmoil and tortured introspection. 

It's also great for new gamers, or playing online, because it's easy to pick up and quick to play.

It's a game about explosions and loads of big fights and ray guns and, maybe, maybe laser swords. It's an excellent game to run at conventions or as an emergency pick-up game, because all the prep is already done – it's baked into the system. 

This is a game designed to tell one particular story: bounty hunters tracking down a target in a sci-fi fantasy western setting.

One player acts as the gamesmaster, controlling the setting and all the non-player characters within. The other players take on the role of the bounty hunter squad, a rough-and-tumble bunch on a dangerous mission.

The characters are all pre-generated, so the GM should hand them out at the start of the session and the players can pick which ones they like. Some sample character sheets are below.

The campaign's over its funding goal (as with some others lately, they weren't exactly asking for a lot) with 13 days left to go.