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Petals and Thorns Adventure for 5th Edition and Pathfinder Up On Kickstarter

Actions have consequences. That's true in real life as it is in fake life. Petals and Thorns, a new adventure for 5th Edition and Pathfinder that's up on Kickstarter now places players in a region being fought over by five different factions. Who will they ally themselves with? Which group has the true thoughts of the region in mind? That's up for you to figure out.

From the campaign:

Petals and Thorns is a nearly completed adventure for 5e about a frontier in chaos, torn between five different major factions each with their own goals and beliefs, led by 3-5 different major characters each who themselves have subtle differences in personality and ideology. Not only does Petals and Thorns ask your players to choose which of these factions to support in different situations, it also asks players to grapple with the limitations of mortal power. Having power is not the same as being omnipotent, and players will have to decide when and with whom to compromise or else risk losing everything. You cannot simply pick your favorite faction and play all their missions to see their ending. Every faction you don't add to your own coalition will be added to your enemies', and you have little hope of winning if outnumbered four to one when the war comes.

Each decision the players make can potentially have individual effects on the story and setting going forward, not just in contributing to one faction's favor meter or another. Choosing to destroy a spider nest will curry favor with rangers of the wood, and seizing control of them for a vampire clan will naturally make those vampires happy. It will also give that vampire clan a small army of spiders to command, and that will have effects on the plot beyond simply making one meter or another go up.

This is an adventure that seeks to provoke players to think without condemning them for their answers, not to ask "do you want to be a good person," but rather "what do you believe in?"

The campaign's closing in on 5x funded with still 17 days left to go.