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Pax Londinium Supplement for Liminal Now Available

The city of London has been around for quite a long time and there are many storied buildings and streets that twist and turn through the metropolis. Even in the real world, there's tons of hidden nooks and crannies that hold all manner of secrets. In the world of Liminal, those secrets only magnify. And you can explore them now in Pax Londinium, a new supplement that's available in pdf now.

From the website:

You’ve witnessed the Hidden World, how it touches the landscape and cities of the United Kingdom. Now it is time to plunge deep into the heart of London and explore its diverse culture and historical strangeness.

Within these pages, meet the hidden who dwell in London’s forgotten places; an ancient vampire, fae courts and ghost realms, a statuesque dragon, the pig-headed lady, and many more beings both malevolent and benign, all intertwined with everyday people and places. But no matter what you do, do not breach the Pax Londinium over the Thames.

Pax Londinium is a sourcebook for the Liminal RPG and requires the core roleplaying book to play.

  • Liminal is a self-contained roleplaying game about those on the borders of the everyday and magical worlds in the modern day United Kingdom.
  • 90 page full colour PDF
  • Liminal uses its own system, based on rolling 2d6 and adding character skills, with the option to spend Will to boost results.